Leading Global Recycling

SINCE 1988 Lets Us Recycle It Anyway

Leading Global Recycling

SINCE 1988 Lets Us Recycle It Anyway

Leading Global Recycling

SINCE 1988 Lets Us Recycle It Anyway

Overview NRM AB

Recycling of metal and metal scrap is a well-functioning part of the environmental work in the world today and we are an active and driving party since 1988. We act globally and are established in a number of markets as buyers and sellers.

For more than two decades, we have worked up a broad network of contacts among the Nordic and European steelworks and metal producers, as well as in the industry and scrap metal. And we are in direct contact with the buyers at the large recycling and production companies around the world.

& Commercial

Metal Recycling Services

Strong global customer relationships since 1988

Our work to recycle metals for re-use began with our parent company, Indo-Swedish Business Development AB (ISBD AB) but has now been streamlined within the completely owned subsidiary company Nordic Raw Materials AB

Metals we deal with

We deal with scrap metal in almost all its forms including strips, tubes, beams, plates, cables, shop scrap, demolition scrap, metal shavings and fragmented metal like in Iron & steel scrap, Stainless Steel Copper, Aluminum, Hard zinc, Lead.

Efficient logistics

We plan and execute the Logistics transportation and store Scrap. The aim of logistics is to meet customer requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our first class facility

Our processing carried out at our facility in Landskrona, Sweden,we are able to offer the market a competitively strong, quality-specific product. Our end customers include smelting plants, foundries and steel mills in e.g. India and Europe.

NRM AB Facility

Our Core Values


We immensely take care to create fundamentally solid and safe work place for our employees and that is our foremost priority. We timely do perform safety checks to ensure our employees opt safety measures during work and along with that we also encourage them to submit suggestions to add value to achieve great results.


As a private company, we also conduct serious environmental work through the development and improvement of our own business operations. The goal is to use as little energy as possible and ensure that any negative impacts on earth, air and water are kept to a minimum.This means that our entire business is a large and important environmental enterprise.


With a wealth of resources and an efficient logistics system at our disposal with our modern facility is situated almost in the centre of Europe in close proximity to ports and the railway and highway networks., we are able to handle both large and small items. Due to our excellent location, we can also create cost-effective transport solutions to and from our facility.


Latest August News 2019

Latest August News 2019

During August 2019 our new shear was installed, a LeFort 1000 ton Trax. The investment will increase capacity and flexibility.

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