A world class metals company

NRM AB – A strong list of customers

Over the 30 years that we have been active in the market we have established a strong list of customers. In order to obtain the necessary scrap metal we operate alongside the entire chain of production including iron and steel mills, metal workshops and other production facilities as well as, of course, scrap dealers and demolition contractors.

This means that through efficient logistics in combination with the effective sorting and processing carried out at our facility in Landskrona, we are able to offer the market a competitively strong, quality-specific product. Our end customers include smelting plants, foundries and steel mills in e.g. India and Europe.

NRM AB – Our Global Network Of Customers

Due to being situated in close proximity to the market, we are able to closely monitor how needs change over the course of time. As a consequence, we are an attractive partner to both buyers and sellers alike.